1. How do I send my return?

We recommend using the packaging from the original shipment. Follow the instructions provided with the RGA number we sent via email. If you’re using a Pre-paid Label (PPL) that we provided, then print the PPL, attach it to the outside of the box, and drop your shipment off at any UPS location. If you are not using a PPL that we provided, then please use a carrier that offers tracking (like UPS) and remember to provide us with the carrier and tracking information.

If your shipment will travel via freight (semi-truck, LTL, etc.), then repack all items very well, secure them to the original pallet(s), and prepare them for shipment (we recommend using the packaging from the original shipment). Follow the instructions provided with the RGA number we sent via email. Print the BOL that we provided via email. Do not attach the BOL to the shipment. Use the instructions provided to contact the carrier and schedule your freight pickup.

Once the return has been issued, you will only have 7 days to return the product(s). As a courtesy, we will email you a reminder within 2 days prior to the due date of the return. As our manufacturers have their own return policy, we urge that you pack and ship the item(s) within the 7 days so that no delays or credit denials may occur.

2. When and why do I have to pay a restocking fee?

When you return an item, a lot of time, labor, and company cost is required to receive your package and restock your item back into our warehouses. Additionally, the majority of furniture and accessories returned are not packaged to original factory standards or incur damage during transit. Because we provide our customers free delivery on all items and absorb that cost, we must assess restocking fees on returns to account for the quantity of returned items that cannot be accepted or resold. 

3. How do I cancel an order?

Cancellation requests must be processed by a customer care team member. Please contact the appropriate customer service team for immediate cancellation requests as our orders process quickly. Immediately contacting our service representatives allows us to review and process your request as quickly as possible. An order can only be cancelled if it has not shipped.

4. I received store credit. Where can I use it, and for how long is it good for?

Store credit can be used at Tipplergoods without an expiration date. 

5. When should I expect my refund?

For most general or defective returns, we will process your credit once we have confirmation that the item has been received and inspected by our warehouse. Please allow 7 to 14 business days following delivery to our warehouse for credits to be issued. Refunds will be issued per our return policy.

For refused shipments, damaged shipments, and freight claims filed within two (2) business days of receipt, credit will be issued as soon as possible. However, please allow 7 to 14 business days to complete processing.

6. What is a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) and how long will it take to receive it after I set one up?

An RGA is used as a reference to help us track returns. This identifies the return and associates it with your order number. It may take anywhere between 3 to 5 business days to process and issue an RGA.

7. What is a PrePaid Label (PPL), and when will I receive it?

A PPL is a prepaid label to return your item(s) via UPS. PPLs are provided for all returns set up by one of our customer service team members, or via the web. PPLs for defective returns are provided at no cost. For customer remorse returns, PPLs are provided by default and the cost of shipping will be deducted from your credit. PPLs will be sent as an embedded URL link in the body of your RGA email. 

8. What is a Bill of Lading (BOL), and when will I receive it?

A BOL is used to return items via freight (semi-truck, LTL, etc.). This shipping method is used for bulky, heavy, or palletized products. The BOL will be automatically issued and emailed at no charge for defective returns. BOLs for accepted customer remorse returns are created by our customer service representatives and are offered at the lowest rate available with the original carrier at the time of return request initiation. The freight amount will be deducted from your credit for accepted customer remorse returns. BOLs are emailed in a separate email, and will arrive after your RGA email with instructions and carrier contact information for scheduling pick-up time frames. 

9. What is a call tag and how does it work?

A call tag is an additional convenience option for general returns, and is set up when a shipping carrier needs to pick up an item from your home or business, then deliver it back to the product manufacturer. Call tags are for parcel shipments (UPS only).

The cost of a call tag is $8.00 per package, plus the cost of shipping. The total cost of all call tags combined with all shipping charges will be deducted from your credit amount. A call tag takes 24 hours to process. Once processed, the carrier will make up to 3 attempts to pick up the package(s) from your home or business.

10. I purchased an Appliance, can I return it?

All purchases on appliances are final. Before proceeding through checkout, we recommend confirming that the item(s) meets installation requirements. We understand that occasionally a customer will purchase an item that does not fit their needs. If this is the case, please reach out to us immediately so we can correct the purchase prior to the item(s) being shipped from our warehouse(s).

If the item is found to be damaged during shipping and you notice upon delivery or inspection, do not sign for or take possession of the item. If delivery is accepted but concealed damages are noticed within 48 hours, take pictures of the box and product(s). Carriers only allow two business days to file a freight claim. As such, we recommend contacting us immediately to report damages.

After 48 hours from delivery if the item has damages or defects that hinder the usability for the purpose of which it was designed, and it was signed free and clear, you will need to contact the manufacturer for warranty, technical support, and/or part replacements. 

11. I checked out using my standard (non-guest) account. How will my refund be issued?

For customers that checked out using a standard account, customer remorse return refunds requested 1 to 7 days after receipt will be issued to the original payment method(s).

12. I checked out as a guest. How will my refund be issued?

For customers that choose guest checkout, general return refunds requested 1 to 7 days after receipt will be issued to the original payment method. Customer remorse returns requested after 7 days of receipt will be denied. Please contact our customer care team to assist.

13. My purchase was damaged in transit. How do I return it, request a replacement, and/or file a freight claim?

If you notice damage while the carrier is on site, DO NOT take possession of the damaged product(s). Instead, take a picture of the damage, gather copies of the paperwork from the carrier (if possible), and refuse delivery. Next, contact the appropriate customer service team.

If you notice damage after delivery (concealed damage), then take pictures of the damage, and contact the appropriate customer service team listed above. Carriers only allow two (2) business days after delivery to file a freight claim, so please contact us as soon as possible.

When setting up the return with our customer care team please indicate that “it was damaged in shipping” as the return reason. In the description please give us as much detail as possible of the damage. Make sure to specify whether you would like a replacement item or would like to return the item for a credit.

After the return is set up, please hold the damaged product(s), along with any damaged packaging, for up to 30 days (though most return pick ups are scheduled within 7 business days) as the carrier may want to pick up or inspect it. If after 30 days you have not been contacted by Tipplergoods or by the carrier, you are free to dispose of the damaged product(s).

We will not be able to help with any complaints of damages, including visible or material defects, after the product has been installed or altered.

14. I did not receive all my products, or some items are not what I purchased. What do I do?

There are occasions when an order is shipped from multiple locations and will arrive at different times. In the event that all material is not delivered, please contact our customer care team.

If you believe you have received the wrong product, please verify the item number of the product you received against the order confirmation email and/or packing list. If anything does not match, please contact our customer care team so we can assist in getting the wrong item(s) returned and the order corrected.

15. My purchase was lost in transit, what should I do?

In case of a lost shipment, please contact our customer care team as soon as possible.

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