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“For any occasion, or no occasion at all.”

Fine Home Bar Furnishings and Accessories That Elevate, Inspire and Welcome

With any great cocktail, one must consider the quality of spirits and elemental balance. It should be pleasing to the eye and stimulate the mind as well as the palate. Likewise, when it comes to designing and furnishing a home bar or lounge, we believe these simple yet critical qualities should always be taken into account. Its contents should be stylish as well as functional. The specific items one chooses to create their home bar should facilitate and elevate the entertaining experience for both the guest and the host. Each detail should be a reflection of the host’s individual style and lust for entertaining. We like to think of the home bar as the treasure chest of the home—each element as unique in its story and character as its owner. A place of wonderment, admiration and conversation.

The home bar can also be a place of solitude and relaxation—a quiet respite from the outside world, where one is free to imbibe and enjoy the fruits of labors past or muse of future adventure. A truly meditative stillness can be experienced while seated in a comfortable chair, lights dimmed, with a preferred vintage or cocktail in hand. Sometimes intimacy is the favored call.

We offer the means to make your special space whatever you dream it to be, to entertain the eyes and to whet the palate. The term home bar conjures vastly different visions from one prideful designer to the next. Whether a well-outfitted corner of a room, a dedicated room, or beyond; from understated charm to lavish adornment, we offer an array of purposeful accoutrements and centerpieces to bring your vision to life. Whatever the intention, your home bar may very well become the heart of your home.

With our team’s collective backgrounds in the Hospitality, Architecture, and Design Industries, we have developed a refined and unique multi-disciplinary perspective on creating spaces and experiences for the most discerning of tastes. Our curated collections boast an impressive lineup of exquisite furnishings, barwares, and much more from world-renowned designers and brands to satisfy today’s refined tippler. Look no further in your endeavors to create the perfect convivial environment for any occasion, or no occasion at all.

“Not a single day goes by when having a bar in my home does not lift my spirits. Even when the room is quiet and empty, it feels as if it’s just waiting--ready and eager to host another moment of convivialité. It makes me want to ask the favorite question of every happy owner of a home bar: ‘What can I get you to drink?’”

-Alexandre Ricard
The Home Bar: A Guide to Designing, Equipping, & Stocking Your Own Bar, by Henry Jeffreys
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