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Thirst Extinguisher C. Shaker
0SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: 15'' height 4.1'' diameterWeight: 2.45 lbsMaterial: Brass, Nickel -plated outside & silver-plated inside
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Boston-Shaker Set
The blomus stainless steel shaker set includes measurements and recipes imprinted on the glass. Rubber edge protects the glass when put together with stainless for shaking. Serve directly in glass or use the included strainer to pour. Perfect accessory for...
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Fire Extinguisher C. Shaker
Handmade in Brass, nickel-plated outside, silver-plated inside our shakers are made from originals acquired at London's finest art auctions; all twenties and thirties style novelty shakers. Originals were rare in the 30's; they cost substantial money then.SPECIFICATIONSDimensions: 9.85'' height 3.55''...
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Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker
Headed up by the Boston Lighthouse Shaker, our new Speakeasy Specials all feature surprising and unusual shapes. Decorative designs that differed from the classic shaker shape were in fashion, to make them less easily recognized by the police. All this...
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